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A property development, management and investments company based in Kuala Lumpur. Learn more QUINTESSENTIAL CONSULTING

Quintessential Consulting provides event management and consulting services, which includes advisory on partnerships, collaborations with other companies and/or brands to further enhance clients image, exposure and ultimately, value. Learn more

The Group imports and export luxury goods as well as conducting general trading activities through Quintessential Trading. Learn more QUINTESSENTIAL TRAVEL

Quintessential Travel is a travel agency, which provides bespoke travel planning solutions for individuals and corporations of the discerning kind, with a touch of luxury. Learn more
Sdn Bhd
Butlers & Groomers is a boutique hospitality service provider affiliated with and accredited by the Malaysian Association of Hotels. As a service provider, it provides the full range of hospitality and commercial services to Developers, Property Managers, Property Owners, Hospitality and Food & Beverage entities to enhance and complement the fast evolving living lifestyles. Learn more KAYANGAN SPA

Kayangan Spa offers deep relaxation and blissful rejuvenation through all natural treatments inspired by the rich traditions of Malaysia and our ASEAN neighbours. Guests are invited to experience the Malay way of giving from the heart and to celebrate the beauty and soul of this exotic land, to escape for a moment in time and to leave with a renewed sense of serenity and joy. Learn more DAPUR WARISAN

Dapur Warisan invites you to step into our world of Asian gastronomy, where traditional Malay cuisine is feasted and celebrated.
A collaboration between chefs from various culinary background, it provides catering services for events and personal dining with an experience like no other. Learn more THE CAVIAR LIST
an expression of luxury
The #CaviarList is a curated list of the finer things in life for the quintessential individual. A showcase for a collection of luxury goods and services offered by us or our partners, for your enjoyment. Learn more

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